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Strategic pools
Deadline: 31 Dec 2020

KC2020 Strategier mod behandlingsresistens
Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

KC2020 Mindre ulighed i kræft
Deadline: 03 Sep 2020

KBVU stays abroad less than 1 month
Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

KBVU scholarship
Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

KBVU stays abroad exceeding 1 month (without salary)
Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

KC2020 Danish Cancer Research Center
Deadline: 02 Sep 2020

KBPF projekt - hoveduddeling
Deadline: 01 Oct 2020

KBPF skolarstipendium
Deadline: 01 Oct 2020

KBPF forberedelsesstipendium
Deadline: 01 Oct 2020